Listen to a Verse

You can listen to any verse in your collection. Press on it until the context menu appears.

Choose 'Listen to Verse' and the device will read the verse to you immediately.

Listen to a List

You can listen to a whole list of verses. Just choose this option from the main menu. If you want to repeat a list, check this option in Remember Me's settings. You can stop the reciting from the audio player's control panel.

Set up Text-to-Speech

If your device's text-to-speech engine is set to a language different from your verses, the outcome might sound rather strange.
You can change the text-to-speech settings in Android's main menu. 

Leave Remember Me, press the menu button, and tap 'Voice input & output' and/or 'Text-to-speech' (depending on your Android version). Here you can set the language-specific voice for the spoken text.

Android uses the Pico text-to-speech engine by default, a product by Swiss company SVOX (co-founded by the legendary German software developer Volker Jantzen). If you want a more natural voice, download SVOX Classic Tts from the Android Market and buy any voice you like.