Remember Me has a built-in database that can store all your memory verses. Since you can categorize them by topics and group them in sets, most users won't need more than this default collection. 

There a few reasons to keep more than one collection, though. If you learn memory verses in different languages, for example. Keeping your French verses in the same collection as your English ones gets the text-to-speech engine all confused, and maybe yourself, too. 
Another reason could be to let other people memorize their verses with your device. That is the reason why I added this feature. I allow my children to play the Word Puzzle on my phone. That helps them to enjoy memorizing their memory verses more. But I do not want to keep their verses in my personal collection. 

So, if you have got your reasons to add another collection of verses, choose 'Additional Collections' from the menu 'Manage Verses'.

Select 'New Collection' from the spinner on top. Add a description to identify your collection. Later you can switch back to this collection by selecting its description from the spinner. 

Set the language of the verses. When you listen to the verses, you will hear them in this language. The two small letters refer to the language, the two capital letters refer to the country.

If you want to synchronize the verses of the additional collection with, you need to set up a separate account for it. Enter user name and password of the corresponding luk2342 account. 

Tapping on 'Confirm' adds the collection to your device and you can begin to fill it. 

You can switch back to the default collection by choosing 'Additional Collections' again. Instead of 'New Collection' select 'My Verses' and confirm. You cannot change or delete the default collection. All changes to the default collection need to be done in Remember Me's main settings.