SD card

Load Verses from SD card

After installation you are asked if you want to load example verses from SD card.

If you tap on Yes, Remember Me will copy collections of Bible verses on your device's SD card. 

Pick one by tapping on it.

You can revisit this file dialog by choosing 'Manage Verses'/'Load from SD Card' from the menu.

After loading the verses from your SD card, they appear in the list with the new verses.

Save Verses to SD card

You can save your own collection to SD card. If you want to save all your verses, add the list with all verses first. You can do this in Rember Me's settings. 

Tick the check box named 'Show All Tab' and press the return button. 

Now there are four different tabs on your home screen. Tap on the one that says 'All'.

Choose 'Save View to SD Card' from 'Manage Verses' (from the main menu) to save all verses.

If you just want to save the new, due, or remembered verses, tap that tab before saving.